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Gag to Internet: France adopted the doctrine of the three blows

France adopted the doctrine of the three blows

Who will be surprises to share three times copyrighted material will be disconnected from the Internet.

[ZEUS News - - 03-04-2009]

In the end, despite the concerns of the European Union, France continued its own way and adopted the law that requires the cutting of the connection to "pirates".

Formally, the final approval is expected by April 9 but, although the opponents speak clearly of the "attack on public and individual freedoms", the outcome of the vote appears assured.

Users caught sharing copyrighted content will be disconnected from the Internet for a minimum period of two months in the sole discretion dell'Hadopi, , the Authority established specifically for this purpose.

In his magnanimity, the Hadopi not immediately caccerà pirates by the Network will identify violations committed via email and registered, those who come to the third signal will trigger the cut line is the famous doctrine of the three slaps.

Who will oppose the disconnection may agree to pay a sort of "fine" yet to be determined but will still be without Internet for a month.

It is estimated that this will joke a cost of 70 million euros a year, which will be spent to monitor the Internet and send 3000 recommended to 10,000 emails per day.

But the defense of the interests of the majors - pardon, the law - that is, any digit.

The French Senate adopted the doctrine Sarkozy

Despite the European Union had rejected the policy smacks of the three will probably be soon legal in France: who is surprised by three times to download illegally will be disconnected from the Internet.

[ZEUS News - - 03-11-2008]

The beauty of the European Union is this: whatever decision of Parliament, there will always be a member state that will continue to do what they want.

In this case, the decision dell'Europarlamento is one that has rejected the doctrine Sarkozy. The was stubborn, that he decided to endorse it, is of course France.

In practice, the bill supported by the French president is expected that those caught downloading copyrighted material is excluded from the Internet is the so-called method of the three slaps.

To accomplish the work of control and repression, then, not a court - as would seem logical - but Hadopi, an authority in theory independent but essentially to the majors, which would give a sort of "military wing" to enforce their will.

Despite all the sensible people these measures appear disproportionate to the offenses, although the Hadopi can even be accused of unconstitutionality (as he pointed out the association of consumers UFC-Que Choisir) and in defiance of any decision of the European Union, the Senate French thought well to give its approval with anything but a narrow majority: 297 in favor versus 15 against.

Now the question goes to the National Assembly, but if the numbers of the Senate want to say something, even the discussion of January will bring the same result. If and when the law passes, how many will be parents that will prohibit access to the network because their children have downloaded three films and three songs?

The only hope for the French, who would be subjected to a control not maintained by the state but by private companies with interests to be protected and that they fear the most powerful weapon, the action seems to be that UFC-Que Choisir has notified the European Union.

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