venerdì 10 aprile 2009

Sarkozy rejected the doctrine on online piracy

Against all expectations, the Parliament rejects the Hadopi. But the bill could be delayed only a few weeks.

[ZEUS News - - 09-04-2009]

Losses burning sound spanking and supporters of the theory of "three blows" because the French National Assembly has rejected, with the votes of some members of the governing party, discussed the law on "protection of creativity on the Internet."

One reason should perhaps be sought in the hardening conditions of sanctions imposed by the Senate in the Joint Commission Inter, or can only be an exhibition of independence just to save face, of this view is Roger Karoutchi, minister of relations with the parliament, which states that minimizing the more the law will be delayed a few weeks of being resubmitted with minor variations.

In the meantime, an alarm bell will sound for Bondi & Co. who, taking advantage of the general inattention due to the tragic events of Abruzzo trying to pass off quietly in a series of rules remaking the disputed Hadopi, forgetting perhaps that is just around the corner a "verification" by the electorate.

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