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Gag to Internet: The European Union rejected the "doctrine Sarkozy"

The European Union rejected the "doctrine Sarkozy"

The European Parliament has removed the "Telecom package" proposals by France against p2p and for the processing of provider in cyberpolicemen.

[ZEUS News - - 25-09-2008]

The Doctrine Sarkozy did not pass: there is no method of the three blows to the user, no change in the provider cyberpolicemen, no denial of rights of access to the Internet.

Telecom Package has been cleansed and purged of the most feared, thanks to a series of amendments put to safeguard the rights and freedoms of Internet users.

How many were asked, including by Jérémie Zimmermann la quadrature du net, MEPs have eliminated the rules that were supposed to put an end to peer to peer and fully rejected the proposal of France, which has the presidency of the European Union.

This is good news for all those who use p2p software sharing: this is not about defending the spread of illegal material, but to allow that users can use existing tools without being forced ISPs to monitor and no sanctions at all oversized compared to offenses, as he wanted Nicholas Sarkozy.

According to the French President, users who had illegally shared files should have been warned twice and then, if still repeat, hunted by the Network

The task of monitoring it would have been for the providers, the police turned into the Net: they should keep the traffic data generated by their customers and collaborate actively in the hunt sharer.

All this will no longer be possible and, more importantly still, before it can impose sanctions on someone who violates the rules would require the order of a judge, and only those institutions can do, not the provider.

Moreover, the punishment should be proportionate to offenses, not to deprive anyone of access to the Internet just because they shared an mp3, as some had wanted.

The credit for having convinced the Parliament to decide in this sense is also the rapporteur Catherine Trautmann, that mail addressed to the MEPs defined access to the network a fundamental right of individuals: No one can be private without the decision of the courts .

that tremble with rage, in addition to the French President, and will be the major industry associations, which were to have a free hand in the spying and depriving them of surfers connecting to the first mention of use of p2p.

The doctrine Sarkozy will return to life again later? Possible and perhaps probable, but it is very difficult to happen before the end of the presidency of France (the end of this year), a country that as you can guess, more than any other pressed for approval.

In 2009 the presidency of the European Union will move to Sweden, which has already made it known to have much more to be dealt.

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