giovedì 9 aprile 2009

Gag to Internet: The law against peer to peer half the Internet traffic

The law against peer to peer half the Internet traffic

From what IPRED came into force, the bandwidth consumption in Sweden fell by 40%. Concerned about the providers.

[ZEUS News - - 06-04-2009]

On one side is the confirmation of what some 'all suspected: much of the network traffic is generated by the peer to peer. On the other hand is a worrying news for the providers that if the trend continues, will have high-speed lines but unused.

The heart of the matter is the anti-piracy law recently came into force in Sweden, IPRED ar=print&cod=9881 (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive), which allows rights owners to be violated by Isp deliver the data of the holders of IP addresses used condivisori.

The immediate effect of this law has been a decline of 40% of Internet traffic, increased from 160/180 Gbit per second to 90/100 Gbit per second.

"If things go on like this" comments Jon Kerlung, CEO of one of the largest ISPs in Sweden, "the expensive infrastructure that we have created will become useless."

In Sweden, most people will have connections to 8 Mbits per second and are already on trial at 40 Gbit connections per second: this step will be unnecessary.

According to a representative of the Party of Pirates, Christian Engstrom, but this is a temporary situation: when users discover how to work around IPRED (by making anonymous and not traceable on business) the bandwidth consumption will come back on the usual level, with great joy of Isp .

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