venerdì 10 aprile 2009

Gag to Internet: The ddl Carlucci arrived in Parliament

The ddl Carlucci arrived in Parliament

The Italian web occurs but Gabriella Carlucci momentum: the proposed law that will abolish the anonymity comes at the IX Transport Commission.

[ZEUS News - - 16-03-2009]

Secure of goodness and necessity of the proposal - as he said a few days ago - and completely ignoring the flood of protests that was raised in front of a bill not only censorious, but even so useless as inapplicable, Gabriella Carlucci has managed to bring the ddl in 2195 to a parliamentary committee.

Apparently it matters little if not too far away, in Switzerland, the father of the Web celebrates 20 years of its creation by reiterating the need for Internet freedom and denouncing, in a speech to the House of Lords English, the dangers of those who wants to control all information placed online by users: the Carlucci must abolish anonymity.

To fight against pedophiles, of course, even if the proposal comes from the mind of the President of Univideo, even if talk of combating crimes such as slander, libel and insult that have nothing to do with pedophilia, even if it is to extend Internet laws in the press despite the Cassation is not precisely the same view. Although everyone seems just another attempt to muzzle the Web

Despite all this, the IX Transport Commission will examine the text of ddl in 2195 that, if approved, would require to record and store every single online action of any individual user.

"But the Commission will block" could hope someone sull'intelligenza counting of at least part of the 44 members. Yet it is difficult to remain optimistic when you discover that the Vice-President of the Commission is Luca Barbareschi.

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