venerdì 10 aprile 2009

Gag to Internet: Digital: rights and Internet rules & Co A real defense of the user, without putting the gag on the free flow of information

By using the internet phone call with the phone, Facebook following the use of satellite tv on: Digital is now become a daily bread for many Italians.

A new market has been stated in a very short space of time.

A market with high technology, but also marked by the usual Old problems: firstly the lack of competition and Transparency.

And the lack of attention to user interests.

All compounded in many cases by the absence of rules, including Because of laws that are struggling to keep pace with the continuing Changes that characterize the world digitally.


As part of our campaign "Law Network", we have organized a conference for April 23 in Rome, the Hall of Columns of the House of Representatives (from 09:30 am to 05:00 pm).

The theme is broad: the aim is to analyze, with all the Stakeholders, the most
important current issues related to A proper and efficient development of the digital market.

Will devote particular attention to the rights and obligations of those who Handles both of the person using the network.

We need to safeguard the world from internet abuse (violation Of privacy, defamation) but did not put the gag Free flow of information (also see the video on our Site).

Among others, joined our meeting European Commissioner For consumers Meglena Kuneva.


The conference marks the launch of our campaign for better Regulation of the
Internet world.

At this point, one of the hot spots in question concerns Piracy in the digital age:
remind you about our site You can sign the petition so that the discussion on the new Law to be heard all parties involved, including Associations representing consumers.

Among the other topics that face our country: the Implementation of next generation networks of fiber optics, the Problem of the digital divide (ie the areas not reached by Broadband), the spread of the social network and the initial phase of Switch to digital TV, for now characterized more by shadows By lighting.

Our campaign

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