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Gag to Internet: Cassinelli against the "doctrine of the three blows"

Cassinelli against the "doctrine of the three blows"

Bondi Minister seems to want to follow the French example: the already known for the opposition to proposals for D'Alia and Carlucci Calls clarity and encourages users to come forward.

[ZEUS News - - 09-04-2009]

They are chasing after the few clear voices: it seems that the Minister for Culture Sandro Bondi, enthused after the French law on the doctrine of the three blows, has signed with colleagues overnight an agreement to combat piracy.

Bondi would have expressed the intention to adopt the same legislation also by us, by creating a French equivalent of Hadopi and putting in place the structure necessary to controls on Internet users.

All of these "maybe" they arrived to the ears by Roberto Cassinelli, known as seemingly the only reasonable to seek solutions to the problems facing the network censors to initiatives proposed by my colleagues.

"Concerned by these revelations by journalists, I submitted a question to the Minister to determine if this is true" - he wrote on his blog Mr Cassinelli - "stressing that the French law contrasts a previous decision of the European Parliament, and certain inviolable rights in Italy that are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Code for the protection of personal data. "

With this observation, Cassinelli has stressed that France has moved independently and contrary to what is established by the European Union (which in practice does not seem to even embarrass our government) and how to take those first steps might be appropriate to consult laws already exist, from the Constitution.

Italy imposed a law similar to the French lead to at least three consequences: first, it would set an excessive penalty and fine imposed in a wrong way, without the involvement a court.

Then, based on IP addresses to determine who is violating the copyright law would attract more users to compromise smaliziato connections of others to avoid being discovered.

Finally, the Guarantor for the privacy has already been established - in March last year - which is forbidden to monitor private Internet traffic of others.

Cassinelli want clarity and with him all the Internet users in Italy, which honourable invite to come forward, saying his opinion clearly.

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