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Gag to Internet: Minister Andrea Ronchi under arm with neo-NAZI

hard position of the Democrats and Ronchi Di Pietro and La Russa in hand with members of extreme right.

"The premier is in the House" Ministers in hand with neo-Nazi

Il Pd: "Berlusconi clarifying"

Ministers in hand with neo-Nazi Il Pd: "Berlusconi clarifying"

Minister Ronchi with the founder of "Black Heart"

ROME - The ministers Andrea Ronchi and Ignazio La Russa posing with the neo-Nazis, as written by Paul Berizzi in his book "Black Bands" and reported on the Republic, have opened another front polemic between the government and opposition.

The PD has sent a letter to Berlusconi to ask for explanations, while Antonio Di Pietro wants the premier report in Parliament.

While the Minister La Russa replied, "The picture I portrays published by a neo-fascist, but with a carabiniere.

The views expressed are harsh. Members Emanuele Fiano Misiani and Antonio, along with vice-presidents of the Group of Pd in the House, Marina Sereni Gianclaudio and Bresse, ask questions later, as written, he saw with astonishment and dismay in an article appearing on photographs of Ministers Republic La Russa and Ronchi with representatives of the world of extremism and neo-Nazi neo-fascist Italian, as well as an alleged belonged to the world of drug dealing connected to n'drangheta ".

"We would like to know - we read in the letter - if those hugs were random or fruit instead of attending a friendship and more consolidated."

"Why - read the letter - in this case, we would be faced with unacceptable friendships authoritative representatives of the government with political representatives of a world of the extreme right extraparliamentary inclinations whose neo-fascist, racist and violent were more times covered by the news of recent years. "

"It would be impossible - say from the Pd - accept that a Minister of the Republic will face photographed smiling next to the leader of an extreme right-wing circle in the magazine on the Internet showed only a year ago a shameful cover that mocking the tragedy of the Shoah and of the extermination camp of Auschwitz. "

"So for these reasons - Democrats contend the leaders - we expect denials by the parties concerned and by the President of the Council on Berlusconi persistence of old ties and intolerable that we thought finally delivered to the past."

For its part, Antonio Di Pietro also crush your hand. "How volevasi prove: the fascists and the fascists had remained.

There is a return of fascism, whose representatives, it is now proven the test, sit too long in the institutions and the reappearance of those dark periods of our history," said the leader of Idv= Italia dei Valori = Italy of Values.

'It is incredible - he explains - what is happening in our country: you erase the memory, the democratic values to rehabilitate fascism and those groups who advocate apartheid and incitement to racial hatred.

Berizzi In the book are the names and surnames of comparing, of the sponsors of these dangerous characters who occupy institutional roles throughout the peninsula.

It's good that these gentlemen are brought into the open, tell the people whether they work to affirm the values plotted by our fathers constituents or to resurrect a new fascism. Many backed the players in this anti-movement: ministers, parliamentarians, mayors, aldermen. "

"It is the same - concluded Di Pietro - who feed on the momentum of the input of black, formed from pseudopartiti, whose symbols are Celtic crosses, bundles Littoria, swastika, flags of the Third Reich. Dell'Italia dei Valori We ask the President of the Council to come to Parliament to explain what happens and we are made full light on this murky affair involving representatives of government and institutional. "

The Russian, however, the minister replied, "There's a shot of the scene, the person with which I was portrayed and which was published this morning by the Republic is not Crisafulli carabiniere but a man called Nicholas Giuliano. Now I expect apologies ".

(17 March 2009)

Gianpiero D'Alia she was concerned about who to praise Internet personalities dishonest arguing PROVENZANO, the Brigate Rosse= red brigades, Riina ... I seem to hear that instead of the Apology of Crime was committed by Minister Andrea Ronchi in hand with neo-Nazi, now let me know if you have something to say against Minister Andrea Ronchi or if shut up and will pretend that nothing has happened, hoping that Italians soon forget what happened.

I hope that the law should punish the Minister Andrea Ronchi for apology of crime, since the Nazis rake Rome and many other European cities, and not, not only wiping JEWS, but free thinkers, anarchists, COMUNISTI, Pacific, GAY .... and now they want to do with his law D'Alia?

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