venerdì 13 marzo 2009

Gag to Internet: Franco Riccardo Levi

12 November 2008 Free Blogger

Mouse Gigio is worse than a spyware, a malware is a virus that insidiosissimo transforms everything it touches into a Walterloo.

His charge of Pdmenoelle, Franco "Ricardo" Levi filed with the House Committee on Culture, with some touches worthy of Pol Pot, the notorious Levi/Prodi

Also called the law "kill-blogger".

Law that goes renamed Levi/Veltroni thanks to the new terms

In essence:

-each blog is treated as an editorial product every blog that publishes the Google Adsense or banners can be answerable to the Revenue

Every blog must-subscribe to ROC (Registry of Operators of Communication)-every blog is subject to the rules on liability related to crimes in the press

-any blog that does not form part of the ROC can be denounced for the crime of "Illegal Press": two years' imprisonment and economic sanctions.

A blogger can choose to subscribe to the ROC, and the risk of one of countless criminal and civil complaints on violation of printing dating back to the Rocco code of fascism, or, alternatively, enter into hiding before being put into jail.

In short, it can hang or a head shot.

The Commission must examine the bill will start a short work on "kill-blogger".

Support from the Network will help us to make decisions.
Them not to give up never (but him?), We even.

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Article by "Informatician Point" Analysis of Daniele Minotti