giovedì 12 marzo 2009

Gag to Internet: Gabriella Carlucci

After Levi , Cassinelli , D'Alia came even Gabriella Carlucci.

The network must be supervised by any law, with every scrap parliamentary human.

The choice of who should make the proposed law is not accidental.

Fewer know of the Internet, the better. If you do not know anything, even better.

While discussing with an informed person is an exercise as possible, do it with an idiot is not recommended.

From outside the viewer sees two idiots who raves.

Each week a new attempt to muzzle, normalized to eliminate the E Network, each week, we should rebut, explain, demonstrate, compare, condemn.

Excuse me the vulgarity, but they have broken the cock.

Italy has millions of unemployed and our employees are concerned about the gold to apply censorship to the existing information tool.

Paid by us, not with laws that are neither in heaven nor on earth.

Gabry, the less intelligent, sisters, and for this Carlucci elected in PDL, wants to forbid anyone to enter in an anonymous online content in any form.

We need to discuss with this ensemble of a few neurons and cellulitis ?

By D'Alia who wants to close the sites of authority by the Ministry of Interior for alleged crimes without a trial of the judiciary ?

By Carlucci involved the interests of the corporation ?

A structure of government with Mediaset nanotelevisiva that landslide on him day after day ?

Confalonieri of citing YouTube for 500 million euros ?

Who writes on a wall is not detectable, who writes on the Net almost always is. Your IP address is.

In most cases, the Police Post is able to identify him. These are raving.

Pisanu law's law calls for the identity card to those who connect to Wi Fi.

In the parks of New York, London, Paris, Madrid you connect to dozens of Wi Fi networks from a bench or lying on a lawn.

We are the only nation in the world that has managed to reverse the access to the Internet.

No one was capable of so much.

Neither China or Birmania.

The number of households that are connected in Italy has declined over the last year.

Thousands of municipalities does not arrive the Adsl or, if present, has the speed of a pair.

We have invested billions in the terrestrial digital, a technology dead, instead of spreading the Internet in schools and in public administration.

If these laws pass, I shall turn to Europe, to denounce the violation of civil rights.

I will not stop.

Do not stop there.

Them not to give up never (but him?).

We either.

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