sabato 21 febbraio 2009

Gag to Internet: and the

Date: 15 February 2009 16:19
Subject: The Wall of Shit D'Alia against Internet

Politician cacasotto! that advocates crime, everyone is free to externalise his free thought, then what you say does not correspond to true, will be issued a notice of guarantee and we will move on to the investigation.

but to decide before that one might say that any citizen is prosecuted criminally, we sincerely passes water under the bridge.

but how nerve then tell us of the Apology of Crime? remember to whom we are represented and what are the people who should do our interest, when do their cocks.

from PD to PDL, the PDL all'UDC as well as in Italy of Values, everyone has the mange, not to mention the contempt to the Italian flag made by Umberto Bossi, who said that you cleaned the piss and the symbol that sent a fuck.

if we want to go into detail of every single crime committed by these gentlemen, there is very little from star to discuss, there are about 800 pages.

if I remember well on Silvio Berlusconi does not count even more files and pages containing every single crime committed by him and never paid to the Italian Justice because the crimes have gone in prescription or because they were given bribes to guards or mgistrati Finance .. ..

all things put on record, of which nothing has been said, I wonder how some people that, despite forming part of this group have had the courage to vote.

We want to say that nell'UDC Totò Cuffaro President of Sicily Region was forced to resign because found guilty by association with the Mafia?

Has not yet paid the debt with the Italian Justice discounted in Galera, the same party are in Pier Feridinando casini related Caltagirone and D'Alia who would like to Morsa the Internet.

Youtube and Facebook, it is not important for me but they must decide what to a blogmust includes ... is something immoral in Parliament when we have people who have been convicted in a final, should stay in jail, and instead are in Parliament.

If we did crimes as: Silvio Berlusconi, Fini, Alemanno, Veltroni ... then we may aspire to enter Parliament, because the Parliament has the mange.

and this is what is deposited on the procedural issues of these gentlemen as on the books of Marco Travaglio.

you will read the books: "Se li conosci li eviti", "Mani Sporche", "Bavaglio", "Gli Intoccabili", "Onorevoli Wanted".... of Marco Travaglio.

The disgust and the Shit that goes from the foot to the head will continue to hold those individuals who are currently in parliament and others should do the good of the nation, while they do their cocks and they do not that even the moralists against drugs are the ones who sniff cocaine and go to whores.

If the really was interested to defend the collective freedom of the networks, then I would not have anything to say as instead reported in its Manifesto.

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